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Fund your passion
Driving a supercar is an experience like no other. Whether on road or track, they get the heart racing and blood pumping – and give an immense feeling of enjoyment. With our bespoke supercar finance options, supercar ownership could be far more affordable than you might think.
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Speak to a real person via live chat or book an in-person meeting with our specialist consignment team. We’ll be there every step of your buying and selling process.

Paddlup Sim Experience

Feel the vibrations of the engine. Of the tyres on the kerbing. Of your nerves, moments before reaching the perfect braking point. On Europe's top Grand Prix tracks, such as Spa-Francorchamps, the Nürburgring or Monza, adrenaline will fuel the best drive of your life. All without leaving your seat.

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Coffee & Events
Come and enjoy great hot drinks, look at fantastic supercars and meet the team - even have a go at heading our race sim leaderboard!
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