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The PaddlUp Rooms

PaddlUp offers an unparalleled guest experience that sets us apart from other automotive auction houses. 

Our purpose-built facility boasts jaw-dropping panoramic views of the Wiltshire countryside, offering a unique setting for 'The Gallery' – our showroom of hand-picked £100k+ supercars. 

On the first floor meanwhile, the combination of boutique-style furniture, barista-grade coffee and state-of-the-art racing simulators lends an air of exclusivity to our premium guest lounge.  

Viewing Art Store

Unlike other online auction platforms, you can view any of the cars PaddlUp has listed at our state-of-the-art facility. Please contact our team using live chat, phone or email to book a viewing.

PopBangPaddlUp: an automotive collaboration like no other. Our showroom is filled with rare and exclusive supercars so it seems only natural to have the finest automotive art on the walls surrounding them.

  • 24-hour surveillance.
  • Each vehicle has a tracker device installed.
  • Battery "trickle charge" hook up.
  • Engine start-up and wheel rotation weekly.
  • Members login.

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The three Ps of PaddlUp


Our used supercars are vetted and verified prior to consignment, so you can rest assured that everything in The Gallery – our purpose-built showroom – is held to the highest possible standards.

Seal of Approval

A team you can trust who live and breathe supercars. There’s no smoke and no mirrors here. We want to know what makes you tick so we can match the right car to the right person.

Real supercars real people

The associated costs of our premium supercar sales service are covered by a unique approach to fees. Buyers and sellers share the responsibility of covering costs in a 50/50 split. 

A problem shared is a problem halved