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At PaddlUp we understand supercar investing.

The experience, knowledge and connections our team has access to with regard to wealth management and automotive investment opportunities are unparalleled and set us apart from other supercar auction houses, helping you to identify the best cars to invest in when using our platform.  

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 ‘What are the best investment cars on the market?’ we hear you ask.

That’s where PaddlUp comes in, our consignment concierge team utilises a blend of industry knowledge and – owing to Co-Founder Joe Priday’s background in wealth management – a focus on the remunerative benefits of supercar investment to provide the best service and the highest possible ROI for our clients.

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An individual approach is taken for each of our buyers and sellers, to understand which opportunities hold the greatest attraction based on the client’s intent. Supercars are an appreciating asset in the right hands so it’s important that we understand your financial ambitions. Accessibility to tax-efficient investment growth was one of our founding principles and remains a key offering to this day.


Why do used supercars serve as fantastic investment opportunities?

In recent years, trading in high-value supercars and desirable classics has outperformed property, shares, and jewellery, delivering a 450% return from 2006 to 2016 and is still performing well to this day. Over the same period, London properties and the FTSE 100 have risen by 135% and 51%, respectively.

Most importantly, unlike other traditional investments such as stocks and shares, cars are not liable for capital gains tax on any profit, as HMRC views them as depreciating assets. 

Front bumper of the Jaguar XJ220

PaddlUp will help you understand the market, an asset's projected value and the potential ROI.

PaddlUp's expert team of supercar enthusiasts has a finger on the pulse of the automotive auction market at all times, giving the organisation as a whole a deep-rooted understanding of the trends within it. If a car's value is soaring at an unprecedented rate, our team will know about it.

Video explainer of the Ferrari Testarossa

If the specification of a vehicle – be it a unique aesthetic feature or an antiquated mechanical component – suggests that it will be desirable in the future, we will not only incorporate that into our marketing strategy to draw in the highest possible bids for the seller, but also ensure the buyer is made aware of the long-term financial benefits.  

A perfect example of this cognizance would be the Ferrari Testarossa that occupied PaddlUp's showroom in 2022. Owing to its era-defining 'cheese grater' strakes, pop-up headlights and roaring flat-12 engine, coupled with its Miami Vice notoriety and a booming market for retro supercars,  PaddlUp identified this undisputed icon of the eighties as a lucrative investment opportunity for our vast network of potential buyers. 

F50 Mean Average Growth

Data source : Glenmarch

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