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Bidding & buying

Creating a PaddlUp account

To create a PaddlUp account, simply [click here] and complete the online form.

Creating a PaddlUp account will allow you to do the following:

  • Register to bid in a vehicle auction
  • Add vehicles to your watchlist
  • Manage your personal details
  • Manage your email settings.

If you need assistance creating a PaddlUp account, please use  our chat function between 9 and 5 Monday to Friday to speak to a member of the PaddlUp team.

Registering for an auction

Before bidding on a car, you must register for the auction. Once registered for the auction, you can bid on the car as many times as you like.

To register for an auction follow these steps:

  • [Log in] or [create a PaddlUp account]
  • Select the car you’d like to bid on from our [auctions page]
  • Click on bid and complete the register for auction form.

You will be required to provide credit card details when registering for the first time. An online soft credit check is then carried out and your registration will be approved.

Each vehicle is deemed a separate auction, however, you are not requiried to go through the registration process each time you want to bid on a different vehicle.

Placing a bid

Once your registration is approved you can place a bid. Bids can be placed at any time during the 7 day period in which the auction runs.

Entering a maximum bid

Enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the vehicle. Our system will bid automatically for you up until your maximum amount.

If the sale price exceeds your maximum amount, you will be notified by email and you can increase your maximum bid at any time.

Each time you place a maximum bid, you will be reminded of the buyer's fee you will incur if your maximum bid is successful.

Removing a bid

Once confirmed, bids cannot be removed online. If you have placed a bid by mistake, please contact our team as soon as possible via chat or phone.

Removing a bid is done entirely at our discretion. Bids are considered legally binding contracts between the buyer and PaddlUp. Please read our [terms and conditions] before placing a bid.

Meeting the reserve

The reserve is the lowest amount PaddlUp will sell a vehicle for. The amount is pre-agreed between the seller and PaddlUp, but it will never be revealed to the buyer.

As a benchmark we only offers cars with a minimum value of £100,000.

Once the reserve has been met the car will sell. If your maximum bid does not meet the reserve you will be notified immediately on the website.

Arranging a viewing

Viewings can be arrange by appointment only. To arrange a viewing, please request it using chat, phone or email.

We reserve the right to carry out a credit check before confirming your viewing appointment.

Requesting more photos or information

All the photographs and information listed on our website has been curated and verified by our expert team.

If you have a specific request that isn't available on our website please contact us using chat, phone or email. Our dedicated auction managers are more than happy to help.


Making/receiving payment for a vehicle

Winning bidders will be contacted directly by the Auction Manager. All payments will be completed via our own escrow process allowing PaddlUp, the buyer and seller to all approve the payment before the handover of the vehicle is complete.

How does our escrow process work ?
  1. Buyer pays PaddlUp within the agreed time frame
  2. PaddlUp completes the handover of vehicle in person with the buyer or their representative
  3. Buyer accepts the vehicle
  4. PaddlUp pays the seller.
Paying with cryptocurrency

Unlike our competitors, PaddlUp is FCA regulated allowing us to process payments using the following currencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Tether
Additional payments

Both buyers and sellers may incur additional charges, for example:

  • Collection/delivery charges
  • Remedial work.

All additional payments can be made directly to PaddlUp.


Consigning a vehicle

To start the consignment process, please complete our [online consignment form] or use chat, phone or email to speak to a member of the PaddlUp team.

Please bear in mind, PaddlUp is a premium sales platform and only consign vehicles with a minimum value of £100,000.

Our team will contact you to take a detailed description of the vehicle and if both parties agree to consign, we set a suitable reserve price for the auction.

Your dedicated Auction Manager will then be assigned and they will arrange everything from collection of the vehicle to carrying out any recommended remedial work.

Remedial work

To maintain the highest standards and achieve the highest sale price, we conduct a detailed inspection of every vehicle once it arrives at the PaddlUp Rooms.

If remedial work is required to bring the vehicle up to our 'ready for sale' standard, your Auction Manager will inform you of the tasks required.

The supplier, price and extent of the work will always be agreed before any work is carried out.

If the seller refuses to carry out the work before the auction, PaddlUp reserves the right to withdraw the vehicle altogether.

Withdrawing a vehicle

Withdrawing a vehicle once you've agreed to consign is a complex process.

Please contact your Auction Manager immediately if you have decided to withdraw a vehicle.

The seller will be responsible for all costs incurred by PaddlUp. This may include:

  • Transportation fees
  • Detailing
  • Photography
  • Research and lot listing
  • Marketing costs

Please do not consign if you're not 100% sure on selling. Once the reserve is met, your vehicle will change hands.

Tracking your auction

Seven days before your vehicle's auction goes live, we will begin our intensive pre-sale marketing activity. Your Auction Manager will give you regular updates to how your vehicle is being received.

Once your vehicle's auction goes live it will run for seven days. During this period you can keep track of the bidding using the 'Bidding History' panel on your vehicle's auction page.

The final 30 minutes of each auction is traditionally when the volume of bids will reach a climax. During this period your vehicle will be live streamed on PaddlUp TV.

Unsold vehicles

The main reason for a vehicle going unsold is that bidding doesn't reach the agreed reserve price.

If your vehicle is unsold you will have three options:

  • Offer the vehicle at a fixed price to all eligible bidders
  • Agree a new reserve and re-list the vehicle
  • Have the vehicle returned to you.

Re listing the vehicle will incur a charge.


This section contains information about;

Who can visit

All visitors to PaddlUp must be pre-approved by a member of the PaddlUp team or through the PaddlUp Club app.

Due to the nature of the cars we have on-site, you must be issued with a visitors tag to access certain spaces in the facility.

If you are unsure if you have been pre-approved to visit, please contact our team via chat, phone or email.

Location and directions

The PaddlUp Rooms are located near Malmesbury close to the M4 corridor. Our address is:

The PaddlUp Rooms, Callow Park, Brinkworth, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15 5FD

Use links to get directions on your preferred platform:

Google Maps


Opening hours

Opening hours are 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week subject to change.

Please note: The PaddlUp Rooms are are only open to PaddlUp club members.


There is parking for close to 80 cars on-site. Our car park is secured with a barrier and only members with a prior booking will be permitted to park.

The car park is used for our regular meet-ups. If you have purchased an event pass for a meet up a parking space is included in the ticket price.

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