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  • White label - Self-branded platform for dealers who want to operate and promote their auction sales to their own audience, typically as an add-on to their traditional sales channels. 

  • Autonexus - National marketplace for dealers who want to optimise their stock turn and minimise their average "days in stock", sell to both Public and trade buyers, source fresh retail stock from Trade sellers, underwrite and offer part exchange vehicles to a trusted trade network. 

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SET-UP White label Autonexus
SAVE 33% £1319 FREE 
Monthly . .
Stocked Units <25 £99  £69
Stocked Units >25 £199  £99
Stocked Units >25 +Datafeed £299  £179



Can I get an introductory offer?

Early Bird Offer Available For Limited Time.

White label 

SAVE 33% = £816 (inc VAT) OFF our setup package.


There are limited slots available with NO COST TO RESERVE.

Select the "JOIN THE WAITING LIST" tab.

Is there a minimum contract or cancellation fee?

No - there is no minimum contract or any fee to cancel.

How do I pay?

For white-label users, the one-off set-up fee is paid when signing up, monthly subscriptions commence when your platform is configured, QA and training are complete and you are ready to go live.

We create monthly subscriptions as part of the registration process, choose to pay via a card or direct debit. Monthly payments are automatic and simple billing is provided.

Will I pay for upgrades?

The only change to monthly payments will be when your volume changes.

There is no charge for multiple users.

Progressive platform upgrades are included in every plan!

What else are dealers asking?

We have a full FAQ section >HERE

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White label

Operate your own fully-branded vehicle auctions efficiently and profitably.

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Manage inventory, dispose of overage stock, connect with public buyers.

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