The Porsche dilemma: 991.2 Turbo S vs 992 GT3

1st August 2022

A black Porsche 991.2 Turbo S and a white 992 GT3

Decisions, decisions... To 991 or to 992, that is the question. A serene daily driver that can thrash around a circuit or an aggressive, track-focussed machine that will happily be driven on everyday roads and only seem slightly amiss to the automotive layman.


Both the 2017 Porsche 911 (991.2) Turbo S PDK and the 2021 Porsche 992 911 GT3 Clubsport Manual offer the refined driving experience that we've come to expect from the iconic Stuttgart marque. However, the vastly different end products highlight the disparities between the two models.


Each 911 variant boasts its own interpretation of German excellence and, as they both hail from the modern supercar era, we can make near-direct comparisons on the approach to performance, comfort and styling.


It's a tough ask to choose between these high-performance machines. For many, it requires a great deal of thought, so we have presented the benefits of each in black and white (literally) to provide a true understanding of which suits your lifestyle best.

A side by side shot of the Porsche 991.2 Turbo S and the 992 GT3

The 991.2 Turbo S

Although the 991.2 is now a five-year-old model, it is not immediately apparent. A luxurious interior and the 911's timeless yet refined styling guarantee its longevity in the automotive market. Pair this with performance figures that, for the same price, can't be beaten and it's easy to see why Porsche's flagship model is not only highly investible but will also deliver the goods in abundance when you press down on the proverbial loud pedal. 



The stats in question – 0-60mph in 2.7 seconds and an eye-watering top speed of 205mph  – are supplemented by a 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged flat-six producing 572bhp, delivered to all four wheels through a seven-speed PDK dual-clutch automatic transmission. Scarcely believable figures for a car in its price range. Long story short, it's fast!

A black Porsche 991.2 911 Turbo S outside the PaddlUp showroom

The bells and whistles

It's not all about performance for the Turbo S, either. The niceties such as parking cameras, seat ventilation and an electric panoramic roof make it the perfect daily, and you will be just as comfortable on the drive to and from the circuit as you are hitting the apex at breakneck speed. 


In this particular example, the previous owner made numerous adjustments making it even more suitable for track use than it already was, as well as some mild aesthetic tweaks. These include a staticised Turbo S lower front lip, an upgraded exhaust to a Brooke race exhaust, and lowered suspension (H&R springs) ensuring it's perfectly capable of generating red-hot lap times at the drop of a hat. Together with the visual changes of full Satin PPF (paint protection film) and carbon fibre-effect PPF trim, this beast really does look the business. 

Side vents on the Porsche 991.2 911 Turbo S

The 992 GT3

In contrast, the 992 flips everything the 991 offers on his head. As the latest 'race car for the road' and 'ultimate 911' from Porsche – the seventh iteration from the fabled GT3 lineage to be precise – this Carrera White 2021 Clubsport example possesses all the hallmarks of this sacred bloodline but sees considerable augmentation through contemporary tech and the latest in motorsport development. 


As always, this example takes inspiration from Porsche's rich racing heritage. With that level of patronage at its disposal, the GT3 has remained the benchmark non-competition-ready track car that money can buy, and this one is no exception. 

A head on shot of a white Porsche 992 911 GT3

Method in the madness

Unspeakable levels of on-track performance are achieved through weight-saving glass, front wheels, rear fascia, battery and carbon fibre bonnet, downforce-producing rear wing and diffuser as well as the first example of race-derived, double wishbone front suspension on a road-going GT3.


Belly of the beast

Crucially for this example, its flat-six 4-litre naturally aspirated engine producing 503bhp is accompanied by the highly coveted manual gearbox which has been touted to provide unprecedented unification between car and driver.  


As much as the 992 entices its driver to journey to the nearest circuit and challenge pretty much anything else out there, it is perfectly capable of a quick jaunt to the shops and back. It may not be the perfect daily but there's no doubt that you'd have a great time doing it.   

The high performance rear wing of the Porsche 992 911 GT3

Take your pick

The 991.2 Turbo S is undoubtedly the yin to the 992 GT3's yang. One is designed to epitomise Porsche's giant-killing supercar offering, and the other is the ultimate expression of their road-legal, on-track potential, but both are equally capable of putting in impressive performances on the other's home turf. At the end of the day, they're both going to put a very big smile on your face, so take your pick! 

The rear ends of the Porsche 991.2 911 Turbo S and 992 GT3

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