This Aston Martin DB6 is the promised land of classic car investment

24th January 2023

The headlight and grille of an Aston Martin DB6 with extensive maintenance and racing records

The Aston Martin DB6 is an investment classic deserving of the attention of any sports car or supercar collector. A worthy successor to the much-loved DB5, the DB6 improved upon several mechanical features whilst retaining the timeless Aston Martin styling that has since become synonymous with the regal marque. That aesthetic and reputation position this particular model in a very exclusive club of sought-after, period British motoring.

Aston Martin Db6 For Sale Investment History Paddlup 2

The example currently residing within the walls of The Gallery further raises the bar in terms of desirability, however. The key here being that this car has been used for its intended purpose, namely, motorsport competition, thus cementing its credentials as a high-performance machine. 


This DB6 has an extensive twenty-year competition history from 1995 through to 2015 at various speed hill climb and sprint events, largely, but not exclusively, held by the Aston Martin Owners Club’s Racing Division.

DB6 Events 1 (1)

The car enjoyed much success at these events and took home numerous club trophies, awards, class wins and second-place finishes in both Class 4 and Class 4A – David Brown Aston Martins, DB4, DB5, DB6 Mks I and II, Volante and DBS – in completely standard specification. 


Among the other accolades this DB6 hoovered up in the early two-thousands were holding the DB6 record for the Goodwood Sprint Meeting in July 2001 and the Loton Park Hill Climb a few short weeks later.

Aston Martin Db6 For Sale Investment History Paddlup Records 5

That’s not the only aspect that makes this DB6 that much more desirable either. When purchasing a used supercar, or any car for that matter, the buyer will feel more confident in the purchase if there are sufficient historic documents to either prove or disprove rumoured mechanical faults or any speculation over its past. 


This particular car goes one better with unprecedented historic records dating back to its initial purchase in 1969, facilitated by HR Owen. This is followed up with timeline order, categorised documentation for any and all maintenance across a period spanning over five decades and a bespoke hardback book highlighting key points during the tenure of each of the car’s four owners. This example truly is a unicorn in the world of used classic supercars.

Aston Martin Db6 For Sale Investment History Paddlup Records 4