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The 488 Pista Piloti Is One Of The Most Exclusive Modern Ferraris

6th October 2021

The Piloti version of the 488 Pista adds extra exclusivity to one of Ferrari’s greatest ever cars.

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Following up something as special as the 458 Speciale is an extremely difficult task. Its 9000rpm naturally aspirated V8 is one of the most magnificent engines to come out of Maranello. The powertrain combined with Ferrari’s knack for making a car go very fast on track meant it was 1.5 seconds faster around Fiorano than a 458 Italia and 0.5 seconds quicker than the 599 GTO.

The 488 Pista - unveiled in 2018 - is the Speciale’s spiritual successor. The barmy naturally aspirated V8 was out in favour of a slightly smaller V8 with a pair of turbochargers to give it more grunt. Naturally, the forced induction meant it sapped a little bit of character from the Pista compared to the Speciale. The new 3.9-litre F154 V8 more than made up for that with 711bhp and 568lb ft.

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Ferrari managed to pull 90kg out of the standard 488 GTB, with just under 28kg of that from the engine and exhaust system with exotic bits like titanium con rods and an inconel exhaust system. 

The styling changes made the Pista look considerably more aggressive, however most were made for function rather than form. The cooling ducts were moved up higher than the GTB in order to appease the demand for more air from the larger intercoolers. The S-duct at the front is not only a unique piece of design but it takes air from the front of the car and rams over the front. From front to back, S-duct to rear diffuser, you can see that everything has been purposefully sculpted to aid the Pista’s balance. 

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The 488 GTB isn’t exactly slow, but the Pista’s mechanical and aerodynamic changes meant it could hit 62mph from a standstill in a shade under 2.9 seconds, and then blasting to 124mph in 7.6. The word ‘Pista’ translates to ‘track’ in English, so it's no surprise that it’s not just for straight line drag racing, It’s a precision tool built to dismantle any track it faces.

When tested at Ferrari’s Fiorano test track, the Pista managed to beat the standard GTB by a second and a half. What’s even more impressive is that it even managed to pip LaFerrari by 0.3 seconds.

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In June of 2018, a ‘Piloti’ version of the Pista was unveiled. This limited run version would come from the Italian manufacturer’s Tailor Made programme and is designed to celebrate it’s racing clients as well as the victory at the 2017 FIA World Endurance Championship. These cars would be made exclusively available to Ferrari’s motorsport customers, with each one numbered.

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Exterior changes included a livery with a set of tricolore painted stripes down the front and sides, a WEC logo and a painted laurel displaying the 2017 WEC victory. Pilotis were only available in four colours - Blu Tour de France, Rosso Corsa, Nero Daytona and Argento Nürburgring.

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On the inside there’s more Italian flag action to be found on the seat backrests as well as adorning the edge of the shift paddles. The rest of the interior is clad in either Alcantara or carbon fibre to really reinforce the car’s motorsport vibe. The number on the exterior of the car is displayed at the base of the steering wheel and you’ll also find an identification plaque on the dashboard as well as an exclusive Tailor made door sill trim.

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The Pista, with its award-winning engine and blistering quick pace, is certainly one of Maranello’s finest moments. These Piloti versions just add to the exclusivity and, somehow, give it that extra drop of desirability. This particular car is finished in the historic Blu Tour de France and is available for auction right now, feel free to check out the listing here.

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