Five things you didn't know: Vanquish S Ultimate

15th August 2022

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The final flourish of Aston Martin’s second generation GT came in the form of the Vanquish S Ultimate, and it was certainly an iteration to remember. Completing the design styling arc from the Vanquish and the Vanquish S, the Ultimate’s aesthetics, both inside and out, truly are a thing to behold, becoming even more evident when you drill down to the finest intricacies scattered across its carbon fibre and leather-clad surface. 


Some of the aspects unique to the Vanquish S Ultimate may not be immediately evident, so we thought we’d walk you through five things you may not have been aware of in Aston Martin’s paragon grand tourer.  

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Farewell to the second-generation Vanquish 


As one of the final models to be released prior to the Mercedes-Benz engine supply deal and with plenty of contemporary Aston Martin models on the way, this Vanquish is more than just the final iteration of the second generation GT, it represents a bygone era when the British marque stood on its own two feet offering some of the finest British supercar engineering on the market. 


As a fond farewell to the Vanquish and, indeed the Aston Martins of old, the S Ultimate was launched in 2017 with just 175 examples being produced, exuding a strong sense of sentimentality for previous derivatives. 

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Designer themes


Just three distinctive monochrome paint schemes were made available for the Vanquish S Ultimate and each is as dramatically eye-catching as the last. 


The first of which is a bold Ultimate Black that boasts bronze graphics and stitching paired with black brake calipers. The second is the customary Aston Martin Xenon Grey, which receives blue accents and stitching as well as some standout yellow calipers. The final theme, and the one presented on the Vanquish S Ultimate currently residing in The Gallery, comes in stunning White Gold with bronze highlights. 


These colour combinations aren’t just limited to the exterior paintwork, however. On the inside, Obsidian Black with Chestnut Tan accents, Phantom Grey with Electron Yellow accents and Chestnut Tan with Obsidian Black accents were on offer. 

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Interior exclusivities 


To ensure that the ‘Ultimate’ designation really resonated with customers, the final Vanquish derivative also adorned myriad interior features to compliment its already exclusive presence.


Most notable of these features is the steering wheel. Borrowed straight from the One-77, this somewhat square wheel is unique to these two models and serves as a real conversation piece.


Carbon fibre fascia can also be found side by side with the ever-present Ultimate plaques and stitching, reminding you exactly what you are sitting in, just in case you had forgotten. 

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Exterior aesthetic 


The carbon fibre persists on the exterior, spilling from the cockpit onto the front splitter, side strakes and bonnet louvres. Accompanying this, are Aston’s new five-spoke gloss or satin black wheels that can either be paint-finished or diamond turned for yet more exclusivity. 


An additional Graphics Pack was another optional extra that was painted under the gloss lacquer on the front splitter, side sills and rear diffuser. Of course, all this blends seamlessly with the existing, and let’s face it, beautiful and established styling of the Vanquish and the Vanquish S. 

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A dying breed


In today’s world of electronically enhanced supercars and turbochargers running rampant, naturally aspirated V12 monsters such as the Vanquish S Ultimate are becoming few and far between. 


Not only is this top-tier GT a part of the select non-turbocharged supercar group, but it was also the final Aston Martin to harbour the 5.9-litre, 580hp V12 that had been in circulation for almost two decades.

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The amalgamation of our five fun facts ensures that the Aston Martin Vanquish S Ultimate is not only a breathtaking piece of kit, but is also a bona fide automotive investment opportunity with desirability set to increase in the coming years.

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