Identity verification: keeping clients secure when buying or selling supercars

22nd July 2022

A client verifying their identity on a smartphone

The client experience is a crucial part of the exclusive service PaddlUp delivers, and a vital component of that experience is the security on offer when using our platform.


We achieve high levels of service through a range of procedures, the most recently introduced being an all-important identity verification process. 


Identity verification ensures that we only cater for genuine, trustworthy individuals who are who they claim to be, preventing anyone from transacting with us under a false identity and committing fraud, which could eventually jeopardise a supercar purchase or sale for the other party involved. 


The concept has existed for hundreds of years, with King Henry V's passport in 1414 being one of the earliest ever recorded. Things are slightly different nowadays of course, and much of how we verify who we are is done online. 


It seems like a lot of big decisions now involve some form of verification process, be it opening a new bank account, buying a house or starting a new job. With the growing presence of identity checks, PaddlUp opted to implement its own streamlined system to improve upon pre-established, robust security measures. 


So what does it entail? What do we require from you when verifying your identity? We will ask you for an image of a government ID, such as a driving licence, national ID, passport or residency permit. After that, the only other thing we need from you is a clear selfie. And that's it, Bob's your uncle. You can now use the PaddlUp platform as frequently as you wish. 


As much as we would love to trust everyone who walks through our doors implicitly, the scale of the transactions we facilitate at PaddlUp requires additional measures to be put in place for the safety and security of both us and our clients. 


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