Jaguar SJR-8 Silk Cut

8th February 2022

Popbang : Autodrawing - Radio-controlled artwork. Painted using radio-controlled cars, car tyres and toy car wheels.

PopBangColour (Ian Cook) artwork: Jaguar SJR-8 Silk Cut

Created live at Spring Autojumble Motormart, Buealieu National Car Museum, Brockenhurst, Hampshire, UK, Saturday 16th May 2009.


Ian Cook: "This was created at Buealieu at the National Car Museum. It's one of the original pieces I produced. 2.8m by 1.5m in size so it's the largest houseable piece that I've done, excluding the Guinness World Record and a few other bits. 


"It's an iconic car and one of those liveries that everyone knows instantly. I really enjoyed creating this one, it's got fluorescent colours, it's got glitter and it just really pops! A proper statement piece and very much a personal favourite. I found it very difficult to let this one go.


"It featured on the Top Gear art special when they went to Middlesborough and took over the art gallery. This is one of three artworks that was there; the Audi R8, the Aston Martin DBR1 and this one were all featured on the show back in 2009. If I tried to recreate it I don't think I could!"

Hanging in The Paddlup Rooms

Oil and Ink on paper, loose mounted, encased in a black ash effect frame, screened with lightweight perspex.

Measurements (centimeters)

  • W = 290
  • H = 156


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