Meet Joe Priday - supercar collector and PaddlUp Co-Founder

22nd May 2021

Hux Shard visionary and PaddlUp Co-Founder Joe Priday next to a Ferrari F40

Joe Priday - Supercar collector and PaddlUp founder

As we speed our way to our first supercar auction, we took a chance to sit down with Co-Founder Joe Priday and chat everything from favourite cars to his vision for the PaddlUp brand.


A little bit about yourself, your background, and your role at PaddlUp

My background is in wealth management. I got into car collecting and investment as I believe them to be a fantastic alternative asset with no tax, no costs, and the ability to sell to an international market.


My role at PaddlUp is to effectively read across the wealth management proposition to the car market - complete transparency with complete respect for client and asset.

PaddlUp's Co-Founder and Hux Shard visionary Joe Priday
Brief backstory on how you got involved?

I’ve used a few competitors and was astonished at the holes in the proposition. Put simply, I thought it could be massively enhanced.


What is your vision for PaddlUp?

To offer people buying and selling used supercars a premium experience as well as security, convenience and peace of mind that the assets they're transacting on are of the highest quality.


Ultimately the vision is to eventually work alongside dealers and manufacturers to deliver an alternative way to buy and sell high-value vehicles via our platform.


PaddlUp adds a personable and human element that isn’t available elsewhere.


How did you find the reaction to the F40 wrap?

I think people were naturally wary (as was I!) before, however, the Ferrari F40 wrap looks fantastic now it’s completed.

PaddlUp Co-Founders Joe Priday and Tim Mayneord next to the wrapped Ferrari F40

Joe and Tim next to the Ferrari F40 that caused a stir online

When did you first meet Tim?

PaddlUp CEO, Tim Mayneord was a client of my business when he had his dealer network.


What is the best car you’ve ever owned and what car is the one that got away?

The best car would have to be my old J reg Citroen AX TZX 1.4 called ‘Figo’. It gave me that sense of freedom at 17 and never let me down!


The one that got away would definitely be my CLK Black Series. I loved that car but sold it around 5 years ago in a ‘sensible’ moment and I’ve regretted it ever since. A good friend of mine owns it now and constantly reminds me!


One car for the rest of your life, what would it be?

It would have to be the Lexus LFA - a stupendously good all-rounder.