Meet the wrapped £1m+ Ferrari F40

19th May 2021

4 PADDLUP Ferrari F40 Photoshoot May 2021 Automotive Photography By Kent Wynne (C)

Fans of Enzo Ferrari’s final commission will recognise the similarities between this car and some of the Sultan of Brunei’s F40s, however, this is no Royal F40. What it is, is the Paddlup brand ambassador car and it’s causing quite a stir.


Certainly no garage queen


It’s worth pointing out that the car was due a spruce up soon, so the wrap is doing no harm contrary to a select few opinions. This particular F40 is certainly no garage queen, with owner Joe Priday (PaddlUp Co-Founder) even letting Tiff Needell dump the clutch in a YouTube drag race, something many owners would wince at the mere thought of.

18 PADDLUP Ferrari F40 Photoshoot May 2021 Automotive Photography By Kent Wynne (C)

The PaddlUp Ferrari F40

Ferrari’s 40th anniversary present to itself is a hand-built assemblage of carbon-kevlar and aluminium, with the famously thin paint teasing the carbon weave. Mix that in with all of the angles, vents and NACA ducts and it starts to sound exceedingly challenging to work with.

Wrapped Ferrari F40 Detail 2

The Ferrari F40's unique features made this a tricky wrap

Wrapped Ferrari F40 Paddlup Logo

The Ferrari F40's unique features made this a tricky wrap

If you’ve heard about vinyl wrapping you’ve almost certainly heard of Yiannimize. The Enfield-based firm took on the huge task of wrapping the F40 and has done a fine job. Wrapping supercars and hypercars is Yiannimize's bread and butter, however, a nigh-on 30-year-old Ferrari £1m+ presents some unique hurdles.


For example, it’s standard practice to remove the door handles of a car to wrap them in order to get a professional finish, but due to the delicate nature of the F40, the handles couldn’t be fully removed due to the risk of breaking the cable.

Wrapped Ferarri F40 Bonnet

The Ferrari F40's bonnet is vast, but Yiannimize handled the wrapping like the pros they are.

Wrapped Ferrari F40 Rear

The Ferrari F40's vents were another challenge for Yiannimize's wrapping team.

An F40’s bonnet is vast, and no single piece of vinyl is big enough to cover the entire thing. Most would simply use two pieces and join them together, but the guys at Yiannimize stretched the matte grey vinyl enough to cover the whole thing. This creates a far cleaner finish and is a very impressive piece of work. The overall fit and finish of the work is amazing, and the attention to detail in Yiannimize’s work truly stands out.

Ferrari F40 Profile

The finished PaddlUp Ferrari F40, wrapped by Yiannimize. Automotive

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