Our inaugural Sim Experience Day

18th February 2022

Having four of the Blade simulators at The PaddlUp Rooms, we have a flourishing relationship with Base Performance Simulators.

The Base Performance Aston Martin GT simulator

With full use of the facilities including both the GT and F1 sims, our guests had private coaching all day on both sims by the talented Tom Canning, Aston Martin Junior Driver and Craig Dolby, racing driver, driver coach and stunt driver! 


Tom was coaching two of our guests on the Aston Martin GT sim, helping guide them around the Monza circuit in a GT car whilst Craig guided the other two guests on the F1 sim around Monza in a 2021 F1 car.

Our four guests that attended, are part of Xclusive Rally – they arrived at our exclusive sim day in a stunning Amaranth Red McLaren GT, R8 V10 and BMW M5 Competition.

We started the day with croissants and coffee, followed by the driver briefing. The guests were shown around the facility and were told more about the sims they would be using and how the coaches were on hand.


The F1 sim, otherwise called the single-seater sim, has a six-meter wraparound screen which creates a fully immersive driving environment. iMoving with six degrees of freedom, the Moog motion platform simulator provides physical cues to enhance the immersive experience, providing realistic feedback. Recreate your normal driving position with our electronically adjustable pedal box. Our steering wheel, complete with LCD screen, connects you to your virtual race car.

The GT Sims, capitalises on Darren Turner's extensive GT racing experience and uses a real Aston Martin Vantage GT chassis, that provides not only a more immersive experience but a more comfortable environment for drivers.

Both sims feature live telemetry in which you can view with your coach, who will help explain braking and acceleration in further detail.
Our guests rotated their times in each sim, and we wrapped up the day with a three-lap shootout! This included the warm-up lap and 2 hot laps.
The fastest time achieved was 1:40.1 in the F1 sim around Monza. So our fastest driver was awarded a trophy, as well as trophies for the best crash and most improved driver. 


The PaddlUp Experience Team is delighted to see our first hosted event at BPS was a great success, with fabulous feedback from our talented guests – which the coaches were super impressed with!

The only concern was our consignment concierge Jacob did make the coaches feel a tad nervous with only being 4 seconds off the pace in the GT sim. It goes to show, that our 4 Blade sims at HQ do help massively!

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