Prom night for the Ferrari F40

13th July 2022

PaddlUp Ferrari F40 heads to prom

Prior to the sale of our beloved company brand ambassador, the PaddlUp Ferrari F40 did go to the ball, or most of the way there at least. Bromsgrove schoolgirl Lacie Bullows' father, Darren Bullows called in a favour from former boss and PaddlUp CEO, Tim Mayneord. Lacie was delighted to have a passenger ride in one of the most iconic supercars in history.


Lacie had one request, however, and asked that the Ferrari ferried her to the location where she'd be picked up by a limousine with her friends. Understandable for a social 16-year-old en route to the all-important prom night. 


Tim loaded the car onto one of PaddlUp's trailers at The PaddlUp Rooms in Brinkworth and set a course for Bromsgrove, Worcestershire where it caught the attention of the locals as it was unloaded for a quick photoshoot and the following unorthodox taxi journey. 


Tim Mayneord said: "When Lacie's dad was just 14, Darren came to do work experience at the dealership and then stayed with us when he left school. I'd kept in touch with Darren after moving out of the area and when I ran into Darren at a motorbike event recently, he saw the Ferrari as I was just about to launch PaddlUp.


"Darren contacted me saying it was Lacie's prom and asked about using the Ferrari and I was happy to help him out. I did it as a favour to him as a one-off, to say thanks for all those years of service. I took Lacie in the Ferrari to the limousine as she didn't want to go in the F40 to the prom but to go with her friends instead!"