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PaddlUp Sponsors SCC Private Members Meet Under Concorde

6th July 2021

The meet was held in an incredible location with supercars and hypercars placed right underneath Concorde.


PaddlUp sponsored the SCC private members meet on July 4th with some impressive machines on show both inside and outside the venue. Seeing the likes of a Bugatti Chiron, LaFerrari, and a P1 underneath Concorde was an amazing sight to see. Those who attended were also lucky enough to get a rare glimpse of the supersonic plane performing its nose drop operation with the F40 revealed below.


A Concorde moment is something that defines its field and blows everything else away, something that seems so ahead of its time that nothing else can ever match it. Concorde is, obviously, the origin of the term. London to New York in three and a half hours and by the time you got there it’d be earlier than when you left. Mach 2. 1350mph. Faster than the speed of sound. Absolutely staggering numbers and incredible engineering. Seeing one in the flesh is still a very special sight.


Guests were able to enjoy a light breakfast on arrival before having a mooch around the cars and chatting to fellow supercar and hypercar owners with everything from Audi R8s to Pagani Huayras and even the PaddlUp F40 right underneath the nose of Concorde.


Everyone gathered round to watch the nose drop whilst also seeing the F40 revealed from underneath a PaddlUp emblazoned cover. The drop happens in 3 stages with the visor dropping first, then the first stage of the nose drop, and then its final position ready for landing. The drop was necessary due to the extreme angle at which Concorde needed to land at, and without it the pilots wouldn’t be able to see a thing during landing.


After a fantastic morning of food, aviation, and automobiles, SCC members were given PaddlUp goodie bags with a number of small gifts including an F40 print featuring Concorde and delicious cupcakes.


Take a look at our brief summary video of the event

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