The three Ps of PaddlUp: products

22nd November 2022

PaddlUp CEO Tim Mayneord and the consignment team with a Lamborghini Diablo

The surge in popularity of the online car sales platform in recent years has rejuvenated the used car market. That has brought with it its fair share of reputable brands, but as with any industry that is flooded with ‘new blood’ overnight, there are also organisations that may not have the customer’s best interest in mind. Vigilance is key.


Picture this, you’re trying to sell your supercar, but there’s a bad taste left in your mouth from a poor experience with an automotive sales company. A faceless eBay-esque platform left you questioning who your point of contact was and what was going to happen to your car. You’re left feeling flat and the whole thing seemed a bit impersonal. Certainly not the emotions you’re looking for when transacting on the second-biggest purchase of your life.


In more extreme cases, there have been reports of individuals being coerced into reducing their reserve price, in other instances contractual loopholes have been exploited to the benefit of the company facilitating the purchase. Understandably, this is enough to put some off using a similar service for good.


At PaddlUp, we’re real people dealing with real cars. Our team comprises industry experts with real-world experience and extensive knowledge of the automotive industry. We’re bona fide car enthusiasts with almost a century of collective industry experience; our ethos can be gleaned from a simple conversation with one of our dedicated Consignment Concierge team in which bravura and a deep-rooted passion for cars will become clear.


Instead of leaving you to your own devices, we make it our mission to understand what makes you tick, helping you find the perfect car. We will either suggest suitable examples from our existing line-up of stunning supercars in The Gallery, or we will do our utmost to source something else that is truly to your liking. Matching the right car with the right person is a big part of what we do.


We understand that your car is important to you and that times are tough for everyone. At no point will we pressure you to lower your reserve figure. Conversely, we’re realistic about your prospects. If the market has shifted since we agreed an initial price, we are forthcoming with that information and can advise on what the best course of action will be. The final sale decision, however, is yours and yours alone.


You will also benefit from a single point of contact within the business. A dedicated liaison that will manage the sale or purchase of your car from start to finish as well as answer any questions you may have, keeping you well-informed and providing a seamless and stress-free experience.


Throughout every stage of the process, we’re upfront about the details of the car, what the latest updates are and how much interest it's receiving. When it comes to communication, we employ a robust no-nonsense approach. When we know something, you know something. False promises aren’t our style.


Before you consign a car with PaddlUp, however, it’s key that you trust our process implicitly, that’s why our platform doesn’t condone time wasters in any capacity. No tyre kickers. No phantom bidders. All of our users are verified by our team so when you receive an offer, you know it's genuine. Naturally, all of the cars available to purchase on our platform go through a similarly stringent screening process to ensure they are not only of the finest quality but also that they are legitimately sourced; nothing is going to fall off on your drive home! 


In the age of the internet, it’s very easy to give a convincing impression of legitimacy and credibility, but that facade can’t endure indefinitely and that is evident in our client feedback. When trust is in short supply, a comforting sense of reassurance is needed, not more questions and confusion.


Our transparency and zero-tolerance approach to compromise on customer experience mean you’ll never walk away from PaddlUp feeling disappointed or like you haven’t been given the full picture. We’ll always find a way to come to a satisfying conclusion for both buyer and the seller.