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Three Ferrari Challenge cars now on sale

10th February 2022

We’re delighted to be able to offer this ‘Holy Trinity’ of Ferrari track cars for sale: an F430 Challenge a 458 Challenge and a 488 Challenge – each one primed and ‘ready-to-race’ at a competitive event or track day.

As three distinct generations of the single-marque Ferrari Challenge series, this auction affords a rare opportunity for buyers to realise their motorsport ambitions; whether that be in the heat of competition, or at a premium track day – and with multiple class wins between them, you can be assured of their motorsport pedigrees.

It’s rare to see three such well-maintained examples come to market at the same time; indeed the owner, a prominent supercar collector and successful racer, will be sad to see them go. However, having moved up a race class, he is no longer able to give them the attention they so deserve.

Which means a unique opportunity for three, lucky individuals, to get behind the wheels of these Italian track icons.

Although based on the same Ferrari Challenge formula, each car offers something different. From the instant throttle response of the sonorous, naturally aspirated V8 in the F430 and 458, to the technical tour de force and thunderous, turbocharged motor in the later 488 – each car brings something special to the table.

As you would expect, each vehicle has been fastidiously maintained by a professional motorsport team, which means they really are ‘ready-to-race’. Not only that, but with a package of additional benefits included with each sale, the buyers will be supported in their track adventures.

Specifically, there will be a tailored trackside hand over, where the race team will give full guidance on setup both on and off track. In addition to this, an ARDS-accredited racing instructor will be available to offer advice on how to get the most out of these thrilling machines.

Each vehicle has been fitted with an aftermarket exhaust system, which has been specially developed to fall within the stringent limits of UK track day noise testing. This is of particular importance to prospective owners who do not have a race licence and thus no access to the louder test days. With stock road-going Ferraris often falling foul of noise limits, this further reinforces the genuine usability of these three Challenge models.

The vehicles will come with a “Gentleman Racer” setup; a more neutral handling bias than would be applied for an experienced racing driver. Again, this will help the transition from road to track for owners who may be looking to get into their first competition-spec vehicle.

Although the 488 Challenge is without doubt the fastest and most capable of the trio, the F430 Challenge and 458 Challenge are thrilling machines in their own rights, and sure to appeal to those who value the more analogue experience of the naturally aspirated V8 cars.

Therefore the hardest decision for any prospective buyer may be deciding which of this tremendous triumvirate to bid on.

Ferrari F430 Challenge Car Paddlup

Ferrari F430 Challenge

Based on the highly successful road-going model, the F430 Challenge, launched in 2007, was sharpened and refined for the track. It utilised the same 4.3-litre, 483bhp, mid-mounted V8 unit, with relatively minor changes to the exhaust system intake and engine management. The Challenge also retained the same, six-speed, automated manual paddle-shift gearbox, but Formula One technology allowed the shift speed to be increased significantly.

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Ferrari F458 Challenge Car Paddlup

Ferrari 458 Challenge

The replacement for the F430, the 458 Challenge moved the game on significantly. The larger capacity 4.5-litre V8 delivered 562bhp and a new 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox produced seamless gear changes via the paddle shifters.

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Ferrari F488 Challenge Car Paddlup

Ferrari 488 Challenge

Utilising the new, turbocharged 3.9-litre V8, the 488 GTB was a significant leap forward in terms of technology. It was also the first Ferrari to use a forced induction engine, since the iconic F40, in the late ’80s.

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Ferrari Challenge – history

Founded in 1993, the Ferrari Challenge is a single-marque race series for owners who want to take their passion for driving to the next level. Originally based around the 348 Berlinetta, three series’ were formed to encompass Europe, North America and Asia, although Europe is by far the most popular and hotly contested.

The non-road legal vehicles feature extensive modifications to make them race-ready. This includes installation of a comprehensive, FIA-approved, roll-cage; a fire suppression system and other safety critical components. This is all done in-house at Maranello.

Additional upgrades are made to the chassis, including the suspension and brakes, as well as fitting lighter, centre-lock wheels and competition tyres. Inside, the cockpit is stripped of all but the bare essentials, with the seats and steering wheel replaced by bespoke motorsport items.

A weight reduction program shaves precious kilos off each car and includes Lexan windows, as well as various carbon fibre and carbon-Kevlar additions. The exterior features aero upgrades designed to increase downforce as well as ducting to improve cooling to the brakes and mid-mounted engines.

Production of each Ferrari Challenge model is strictly limited, which ensures an element of exclusivity in this thrilling and enduring race series.

Ferrari Challenge lineage

  • Ferrari 348 Challenge (1993–1995)
  • Ferrari F355 Challenge (1995–2000)
  • Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge (2000–2006)
  • Ferrari F430 Challenge (2006–2011)
  • Ferrari 458 Challenge (2011–2013)
  • Ferrari 458 Challenge Evo (2014-2016)
  • Ferrari 488 Challenge (2017–)
  • Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo (2020–)