Tre macchine immaculate: three wise supercar buys

19th December 2022

A trio of classic Ferrari: F430, F355 GTS and Testarossa

Ferrari at Christmas seldom makes it to the realms of popular culture, one of the few in recent memory was in the guise of the snow-covered 308 GTB featured in the music video for The Darkness - Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End). Here we invite you to peruse a festive Ferrari or two, or maybe even three!


This Christmas, we think it’s the perfect time to share a trio of recently arrived gifts under the PaddlUp tree. This prial of outstanding manual Ferrari comprise; an iconic eighties Testarossa, a legendary nineties F355 GTS and a sublime noughties F430.


Each of these three have arrived in remarkable condition. The Testarossa and the F355 GTS are immaculately presented and additionally the F430 received a “1st In Class” Platinum Award at the Charles Stanley Ferrari Owners Club International Concours. You’ll be hard-pushed to find three better-kept modern classics.


Each era’s motoring icon comes with its own distinctive style and hallmark of the Pininfarina influence in automotive design.


With an exponentially increasing focus on manual transmission modern classics, it seems opportune that all three Italian thoroughbreds at PaddlUp are chosen with bolt-action gated manual gearboxes - the greatest driver involvement of all transmission options.


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