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The Aston Martin Vanquish S Ultimate

15th July 2021

Based on the standard Vanquish S, the Ultimate is the second-gen Vanquish's final hoorah.


The Vanquish name has since been repurposed in the form of a prototype mid-engined supercar, so this is the final front-engine, naturally-aspirated V12 to wear the name. What a name it is, by the way, the word ‘vanquish’ literally means to ‘defeat thoroughly’.


It’s based on the regular Vanquish S, so the big 6.0-litre V12 produces 595bhp and sends it all to the rear wheels via an eight-speed auto ‘box. The grunt you feel from the masculine powerplant leaves you in no doubt that it’ll achieve its claimed top speed of 201mph. The Ultimate even ranks highly in the exclusivity stakes with only 175 ever built.


That’s enough talk of numbers, the Ultimate is about design. There were three different design ‘themes’ available, with the one you see here finished in stunning White Gold with bronze accents dotted around in places like the front splitter and side skirts. Bronze graphics on the carbon fibre side blades remind you that this isn’t your run of the mill Vanquish.


Step inside and your eyes are immediately drawn to the striking Chestnut quilted tan leather with its intricate white embroidery. At the head of the seat you’ll find further thread outlining the model designation, just in case you’d forgotten how special this car is. More stitching makes its way up the leather-wrapped dash and around the carbon centre console where you’ll notice the start button placed slap bang in the middle.


You’d be forgiven for missing a few subtle details such as Aston’s ‘Swan’ doors that stay at whichever angle you leave them at due to a set of special struts, and you may have missed the metal plaque on the door sill informing occupants of the car’s model name and of its rarity.


The Vanquish doesn’t feel like an all out supercar, and it’s not meant to either. The noise it makes is as luxurious as the leather used inside. This Aston V12 really is something to behold, it may now be consigned to the history books but it leaves you with a feeling you’ll remember forever. It can be smooth and refined, but it’s certainly not ashamed to be a V12 when it sends a glorious bellow through the quad pipes.


The regular Vanquish S was already a properly sorted luxury GT car, but the Ultimate takes that to new heights and immediately feels more special once you’re sat inside. It’s the last of the big, naturally-aspirated V12 Aston GT cars which makes it special enough on its own. The Ultimate, particularly in this spec, is a fitting final bow for one of Aston Martin’s most beautiful cars.

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