1973 Porsche 911T "Restomod"

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No car exemplifies continuous improvement more than the Porsche 911. Long before Toyota had even thought of the ‘Kaizen’ philosophy in the 1980’s, Porsche engineers had been honing and improving, not only the rear-mounted flat-six but also the handling characteristics and packaging for the 911 since its introduction into the USA in February 1963. A full decade of development, government regulation and six distinct series of the model are evident up to the F-Series 911 models of 1973 when this 911T was born.

Offered in T (Touring), E (Einspritzung – fuel injected), and S (Super) models, the 911 E-Series and F-Series were significantly updated from their predecessors with a displacement increase to 2,341cc with a longer stroke to better cope with unleaded fuel. Mechanical fuel injection was added to this 911T model destined for the US in January 1973, with the new Bosch K-Jetronic continuous fuel injection and further refinements addressed the 911’s chassis, exterior, and mechanical systems meaning these cars remain highly collectible and usable today, with exceptional driver involvement.

Here, inspired by the period 40-025 Aubergine exterior with Black leather interior, this LHD 1973 Porsche 911T Coupe is an exceptionally high-quality restomod, built to retain the essence of its heritage, but offer a modern and usable classic icon.

The engine has been rebuilt with a Crane cam, Weber 40 IDA carburettors, a Perma-Tune ignition system, and the desirable magnesium 7r crankcase. The 7r was the last and strongest of the magnesium cases. It was introduced in 1973 as part of the updates for the 2.7 RS package.

A number of upgrades have been made in order to improve reliability and usability. Though the low beams remain original and period-accurate, the high beam headlights are more modern HID items. Many of the electronics have been overhauled including a more modern fuse box with blade fuses rather than bullets. The spec includes full red rear lights which include orange flashing indicators for the UK market.

The extensive restoration work has gone into every single piece of bodywork and suspension down to the last nut and bolt.

The suspension is cleaned and blasted back to bare metal before being restored and powder coated. Each nut and bolt is zinc plated in order to keep them looking clean and prevent rust. The front suspension has been reworked and upgraded with a set of KW V3s that were originally for a G-series car and have been modified to fit. It was then set up by geometry and alignments specialists at Centre Gravity. The wheels are from Braid and are a square setup rather than the more common staggered approach. Tyres are 205/50 R15 Toyo Proxes T1R with 8mm tread all around. Inside you’ll find a fully restored interior with a Scottish Muirhead leather covering the dashboard, seats and door cards. A number of subtle modifications have been made including leather-wrapped 356 door handles, a Momo Prototipo steering wheel, a wooden gear knob and a Bluetooth phone setup hooked up to a Focal audio system.

Specification includes;

  • Crane cam
  • Weber 40 IDA carburettors
  • Perma-Tune ignition system
  • Magnesium 7r crankcase
  • Original, period-accurate low beam headlights
  • Modern HID high beam headlights
  • Modern fuse box with blade fuses rather than bullets
  • Red rear lights which include UK orange flashing indicators
  • Zinc plated bolts
  • Front suspension KW V3s
  • Braid BZ 'Fuchs' style wheels
  • Muirhead leather interior
  • Leather-wrapped 356 door handles
  • Momo Prototipo steering wheel
  • Wooden gear knob
  • Bluetooth
  • Focal audio system.



At a glance

  • Classic Porsche 911T Restomod
  • Full nut and bolt restoration
  • Engine rebuild including 7r crankcase from 2.7 RS
  • Improved reliability and usability
VIN 9113102806
Year 1973
Mileage 1775
Exterior colour Aubergine
Interior colour Black
Upholstery colour Black Leather
Driver's side LHD
Transmission Manual
Engine Size 2400
Fuel type Petrol