1997 Ferrari F355 GTS

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Unveiled in Maranello in May of 1994 and known as 'Progetto 129', the F355 had two initial versions; a berlinetta and, like this RHD Rosso Corsa example, a GTS with a removable targa top. The car's name, as usual, had a very specific meaning: the first two figures (35) indicated its overall displacement – in this case being 3,500cc – while the third (5) connoted the number of valves per cylinder. The F355's engine delivered around 380hp, 109hp per litre. Hydraulic tappets were used thanks to which adjustment of the valve play was no longer required, despite the engine revving to an amazing 8000rpm. It was equipped with a six-speed transverse manual gearbox. The gearbox was now rod-operated, not a cable mechanism as on the previous 348, while more emphasis was placed on aerodynamics with a neat rear spoiler incorporated into the body, and crucially, a flat undertray.

The last hand-built Ferrari, but also the first to really embrace more modern technology

Viewed in retrospect, the F355 bridges the gap between old Ferrari and new; between classic, nimble, small V8s and the recent more powerful supercars. It’s the last hand-built Ferrari, but also the first to really embrace more modern technology.

This car is a later 1997 model, or a ‘5.2 Motronic’ car. When the car was launched, it was equipped with a more primitive Bosch 2.7 Motronic system that had two air mass flow sensors, two fuel pumps and two lambda sensors among other differences, all clearly visible in the engine bay.  The advantages of the 5.2 Motronic setup include a smoother delivery and idle, and they’re cleaner, too. The changeover happened for the 1996 model year to enable Ferrari selling the car in the US, and around the same time - due to US regulations - the Momo steering wheel was changed for an airbag-equipped design.

Presented in classic Rosso Corsa with Nero leather interior, this manual transmission UK-supplied car was subject to light restoration work in 2016 including:

  • Bodywork detailing
  • Engine bay detailing 
  • Major service
  • Cambelt change (The engine was removed for this work)
  • Repair to all seals

This, plus some additional works totalled over £15,000 and the car has only covered 221 miles since this work was completed. Even though it had covered such little mileage, the car was subject to a further major service and cambelt change in September 2022 totalling near £3,500. The car has covered a mere 21 miles since. This recommissioning is fully documented and photographed alongside other documents in a bespoke history folder.


  • Rosso Corsa paintwork
  • Nero leather interior
  • Body-Coloured Roof Panel
  • Black Brake Calipers

Service History:

  • Registered 30/01/1997
  • 600 - 1,000 mile Inspection @666 miles 11/02/1997 Maranello Egham
  • Service @2,850 miles 26/02/1998 Maranello Egham
  • Service @7,685 miles 24/04/1999 Maranello Egham
  • Service & Cambelts @ 9,732 miles 24/02/2000 Maranello Egham
  • Service @14,996 miles 06/11/2001 Talacrest Egham
  • Service @19,825 miles 05/12/2002 Carrs Ferrari Exeter
  • Service & Cambelts @21,352 miles 13/03/2003  Carrs Ferrari Exeter
  • Service @27,395 miles 12/03/2004 Carrs Ferrari Exeter
  • Service @33,373 miles 07/03/2005 Carrs Ferrari Exeter
  • Service & Cambelts @35,547 miles 06/03/2006 Bob Houghton Ferrari
  • Service @37,309 miles 22/01/2007 Bob Houghton Ferrari
  • Service @39,877 miles 18/09/2008 Hollingwoth at Ombersley
  • Service & Belts @ 41,876 miles 28/10/2009 GT Auto Burntwood
  • Service @42,737 miles 10/05/2011 Amari Service
  • Service & Belts @ 44,332 miles 24/05/2012 Grimaldi
  • Service @ 47,211 miles 10/05/2013 Grimaldi
  • Service @ 50,232 miles 07/05/2014 Grimaldi
  • Service @ 50,442 miles 30/11/2015 Amari Service
  • Service @50,470 miles 01/04.2016 Grimaldi
  • Recommissioning and Restoration Armani commencing 2016  
  • Service & Belts @50,633 26/09 2022 Grimaldi

At A Glance

✔️ Gated manual Right Hand Drive UK market car
✔️ 50,654 miles
✔️ Rosso Corsa/ Nero
✔️ Cambelt service and £15,000 restoration at 50,433 miles

Year 1997
Mileage 50,654
Exterior colour Rosso Corsa
Interior colour Nero
Upholstery colour Nero
Driver's side RHD
Transmission Manual
Engine Size 3.5L V8
Fuel type Petrol