2016 Lamborghini Aventador SV LP750-4

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Iconic. Striking. Mind-bendingly fast. These are but a few superlatives one could reel off when talking about the Aventador, an undeniable cornerstone of the Lamborghini offering for over a decade. The Aventador is the latest in a long line of V12s to come out of Sant’Agata Bolognese, and a few short days ago, its production ended for good. Like the Miura, Countach, Diablo and Murciélago before it, the Aventador represented the top tier in Lamborghini luxury and of course, performance.

Through the years, it has yielded nine individual iterations, a further nine special edition versions and seven models that drew inspiration from the protean Aventador, with Lamborghini using the source material for the likes of the Veneno, the Centenario and the 2022 Countach re-imagining. After a remarkable 11-year production period, it was time for this bull to retire. A landmark moment, and one that was about more than just the end of one model’s lifespan. It signalled the end of Lamborghini’s non-hybrid V12s and as one of just a few manufacturers that became synonymous with duodecuple-cylinder powerhouses, that’s a big deal. An event that has left many a car enthusiast and Lamborghini aficionado bleary-eyed.

the Aventador's twelve-cylinder is here to remind us what will be lost for good in the very near future.

Considered by many to be the sweet spot for the model, the Aventador SuperVeloce in coupé form really delivers on the promise of the outlandish exterior styling. Here in its Ad Personam Blu Sideris paintwork, it really does encourage the onlooker to take the time to stop and stare.  

The Aventador SV’s naturally aspirated 6498cc V12 is its centre piece. At a time when its competitor manufacturers were switching to turbo charging in the pursuit of improved fuel economy, the Aventador's twelve-cylinder is here to reminds us what will be lost for good in the very near future.

The SV’s engine is as exciting and dramatic as performance car power units get. Throttle response is immediate, the performance is mighty and the soundtrack is befitting of the fighter jet styling. Compared to standard Aventador power has risen by 50bhp, although the peak torque figure remains the same.


The impressive specification includes:

  • Blu Sideris Ad Personam Exterior Paintwork
  • Roof in Body Colour
  • Nero Cosmus Ad Personam SV Interior
  • Steering Wheel Nero Cosmus/ Blu Sideris
  • Multifunction Steering Wheel in Alcantara with Smooth Leather Inserts
  • Headliner Nero Cosmus/ Blu Sideris
  • Pillars Nero Cosmus
  • Carpeting and Floormats Nero Cosmus
  • Sun Visors Nero Cosmus
  • Sill Cover Inner Part Nero Cosmus
  • Door Panel Nero Cosmus/Blu Sideris
  • Front Centre Console Nero Cosmus/Blu Sideris
  • Rear Centre Console Nero Cosmus/Blu Sideris
  • Seats Nero Cosmus/Blu Sideris
  • Seat Belts Nero Ade
  • Stitching Blu Sideris
  • Magneto-Rheological Suspension with Lifting System
  • Carbon Fibre X-Frame
  • Carbon Fibre T-Engine Cover
  • Rear View Camera
  • 4-Standard Speakers
  • Glass Engine Bonnet
  • Yellow Brake Calipers
  • SV Branding Package with Alcantara
  • LIS with Navigation System (Europe)


Service History:

  • 1st Annual Service 14/02/2017 @ 748 miles - Lamborghini London
  • 2nd Annual Service 23/02/2018 @934 miles - Lamborghini London
  • 1st MOT 30/05/2019 @1,074 miles
  • 3rd Annual Service 12/06/2019 @1,145 miles - Lamborghini Sevenoaks
  • 4th Annual Service 28/08/2020 @2,914 miles - Lamborghini Birmingham
  • 2nd MOT 24/11/2020 @3,148 miles
  • 5th Annual Service 05/11/2021 @3,651 miles - Lamborghini Birmingham
  • 3rd MOT 17/12/2021 @3,709 miles

At A Glance

  • SuperVeloce; the lightweight, focused Aventador
  • 1 of 600 SV Coupés
  • Ad Personam Blu Sideris paintwork With Optional Glass Engine Bonnet
  • Extensive Use Of Carbon Fibre Including X-Frame And T-Engine Cover
VIN 9GLA04918
Year 2016
Mileage 5032
Exterior colour Blu Sideris
Interior colour Nero Cosmus / Blu Sideris
Upholstery colour Nero Cosmus/ Blu Sideris
Driver's side RHD
Transmission Semi-Automatic
Engine Size 6.5L
Fuel type Petrol