2021 BMW M3 Competition


When discussing performance saloon cars, there is one particular model that all are bench-marked against; BMW's M3. The M3 has been the trendsetter since its conception in the 1980's, however the game has moved on and each year more players enter the field determined to take the crown. It's a good job BMW's M department have seemingly been one step ahead, constantly honing and improving each new model to continue providing the intoxicating combination of performance and usability. 

For the latest M3 Competition it's business as usual, utilising that fabulous S58 engine with its two mono-scroll turbochargers to produce 503 bhp and - just as importantly - 479lb ft of torque available from a scarcely-believable 2,750 rpm all the way through to 5,500 rpm. Of course, the inline 6 powers all the way to its 7,250rpm limit with a ferocious appetite for revs as each gear passes seamlessly through its 8 speed automatic gearbox.

A interesting point to note is the internal specification of the Competition's engine; the crank, pistons and connecting rods are all produced from forged aluminium; the crank pins are spherically ground to aid the bearings to run more smoothly and the turbochargers are over-specified for the Competition's 503 bhp rating. This combination not only gives potential for more power, but ensures the engine itself is comfortably under-stressed; something unusually said when discussing a car with such performance.

This particular M3 Competition brings as much visual presence as it does spectacular performance, its matt black paintwork complimenting the orange interior.

At A Glance

  • The Benchmark Performance Saloon
  • 503BHP From The 3.0 Twin-Turbo 6 Cylinder Engine
  • Impressive Specification
  • Remaining Manufacturer Warranty
VIN FL42890
Year 2021
Mileage 7,604
Exterior colour Black
Interior colour Black
Upholstery colour Orange
Driver's side RHD
Transmission Automatic
Engine Size 3.0L
Fuel type Petrol