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Any time, any place, we’ll deliver


Do you have the driving holiday of a lifetime planned? Maybe a track day at one of the UK’s many exhilarating motorsport circuits? Or is it a prestigious automotive event you're going to display your car at? 


Wherever you’re planning to be alongside your car, it’s vital that it's in the right place at the right time. That’s where the PaddlUp logistics service comes in.


We’ll get your car where it needs to be. Just say when and where, and we’ll be there with bells on.


Be it pick-up or delivery, your vehicle will undergo a thorough inspection at either end of the journey, and a visual condition report will be relayed. A tracking link will also be provided so you can keep an eye on our team's progress. 

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Our fleet of PaddlUp-branded trucks and trailers is maintained to the highest possible standards by our logistics team.

The trucks in question, are a line-up of upgraded Ford Rangers, the optimal vehicle to tow our entirely enclosed trailers that keep your car protected from the elements whilst out on the roads.

PaddlUp’s team of drivers is fully certified to tow, giving you peace of mind that your car is in safe hands. Above all, we’re automotive enthusiasts so rest assured that we’ll treat vehicles with the utmost respect.

We charge our logistical fees by the mile, at a rate of £2.35 (VAT inclusive) for the initial 50 miles, with reduced fees implemented at each 150-mile increment up to 300 miles. 


The potential for a second driver and overnight stays are also included,  should you need us to travel large distances to deliver your vehicle. 


Logistics covered!

What's Included?

In summary

✓ Trained, courteous operators.

✓ Prompt pick-up and delivery.

✓ Full maintained and tracked tow fleet.

✓ Totally enclosed Turatello trailers for maximum protection.

✓ Full comprehensive insurance (Up to £10 million).

✓ Visual condition reports upon Supercar collection & delivery.

✓ Tracking link provided.


Our Tariff

  < 50  51 - 150 151 - 300 301 >
Radius Trip - per mile £1.96 £1.84 £1.81 £1.79
Radius Trip - per mile inc VAT £2.35 £2.21 £2.17 £2.15
Longer journeys may also require additional costs:        
Second Driver       £107.69
Overnight stop-over       £110.00


Prices are VAT inclusive.

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How do I book?

1/ Book a slot for the day you'd like your supercar transported.

2/ Your reservation will include payment for the first 20 miles.

3/ We will contact you to discuss your journey and calculate the balance, which we can securely process with you.

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Supercar Storage
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Supercar Storage

On time and tracked from door to door, I felt my supercar was in safe hands from end to end.

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The three Ps of PaddlUp


Our used supercars are vetted and verified prior to consignment, so you can rest assured that everything in The Gallery – our purpose-built showroom – is held to the highest possible standards.

Seal of Approval

A team you can trust who live and breathe supercars. There’s no smoke and no mirrors here. We want to know what makes you tick so we can match the right car to the right person.

Real supercars real people

The associated costs of our premium supercar sales service are covered by a unique approach to fees. Buyers and sellers share the responsibility of covering costs in a 50/50 split. 

A problem shared is a problem halved