Lamborghini’s new best-seller

16th August 2021

The best-selling Lamborghini Urus in orange

Lamborghini previously relied on the Gallardo and then the Huracan for the vast majority of its sales. The Urus has completely changed that.


Since the introduction of the ‘Baby Lamborghini’ with the Gallardo and now the Huracan, they have been the models that make up most of the company’s sales figures. They’re meant to be cheaper, smaller, and easier to use than their big V12 flagship cars. The recent popularity of high-end SUVs meant Lamborghini turned its hand to building its own.


Although not its first SUV, the Urus is still Lamborghini’s first proper attempt at a production 4x4. The LM002 was a bit mad, and not many were sold. With Audi involved it meant Lamborghini had a decent base from which to create it, so you’ll likely see many similarities between the Urus and the RSQ8.


The Gallardo used to be the Italian company’s best selling car with just over 14,000 built in its 10 year production run. It was replaced by the Huracan in 2014 which is still on sale today. The Huracan eclipsed the Gallardo’s figures back in 2019, making it the most sold Lamborghini ever at the time. 


It’s only been on sale since 2018 but, as of July 2021, the Urus has already sold 15,000 models. It can’t be too long before it surpasses the Huracan in terms of sales figures to become the most sold Lamborghini ever. 


UPDATE: In June of 2022, over 20,000 Urus models have been produced making it the best-selling Lamborghini in its history. 


If you’ve been to any supercar event in the last few years, you’ll have noticed an obscene amount of Urus’. It’s a marmite car but, whether you love it or loathe it, it’s here to stay and it means Lamborghini can keep on making amazing cars like the Huracan STO and Aventador Ultimae.