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The Oshe Zero5 Is A Love Letter To Classic 911s

21st August 2021

The desire to combine retro romance with modern amenities has made restomods hugely popular. Workshop Seventy7’s Zero5 is the perfect usable classic 911.


Spend a few seconds inside Workshop Seventy7 and you immediately get an idea of how David Lane likes to build cars. Vintage cars and bikes are dotted around everywhere, ranging from 911s and BMW E9s to a heavily breathed on MK3 Toyota Supra. Each car is crafted rather than built, with stunning attention to detail in every bit of work. Nothing is too extreme, in fact you’d never know how much work has actually gone into these cars until you start to dig a little deeper.

The car pictured here is Zero5, one of Workshop Seventy7’s ‘Oshe’ cars - the meaning of which we’ll cover later. The base car is a left-hand drive 1973 911T which was originally sold in the USA, meaning it had the K-Jetronic fuel injection system. When David first purchased this 911, then finished in Tangerine, he mainly used it to ferry parts around.


At first glance it comes across as an incredibly clean and original F-body 911, and that’s exactly the point. David didn’t want to engineer out the retro feel you get with these cars, but rather enhance it by restoring and renewing original parts. It isn’t a patchwork of mismatched parts - the bumpers, doors, deck lid and all the panels are original, having been restored by being taken back to bare metal and then brought back to life.


This car is built to be a reliable classic with subtle modern touches hidden beneath the ‘70s style. You wouldn’t be able to tell just by looking at them, but the lights have more modern HID bulbs for high beams, but look period correct on low beams. It also still has a proper heater and even a bluetooth system inside so you can listen to your own music. David made sure everything stayed period correct, so there’s no bulky-looking modern head unit cluttering the dash.


No stone has been left unturned with Zero5. The 2.4-litre air-cooled flat six has been rebuilt and modified with a Crane cam, Weber 40 IDA carburettors, a Perma-Tune ignition system, and the desirable magnesium 7R crankcase. All that brings the power to just shy of 175whp, a figure that doesn’t sound huge in this day and age, but it’s more than enough in a car that weighs not much more than a ton. The custom exhaust just adds to the recognisable air-cooled clatter and makes the whole experience even more exhilarating.


The handling has also received an upgrade with a set of KW V3s, originally for a G series car, modified to fit with the geo set up by Centre Gravity. The wheels are lightweight custom items from a company called Braid, utilising a square setup rather than the more traditional staggered approach.


The work doesn’t stop there. Step inside and you’ll find black Muirhead leather adorning the dashboard, door cards and seats. The door handles come from a Porsche 356 and are also wrapped in leather. Period-correct styling remains with the seats which are a pair of Cobra Stuttgarts, as well as the Momo Prototipo steering wheel and classic wooden gear knob. Even the rear seats are still in place, making this a truly usable classic car.


At the back of the car, you’ll notice ‘Oshe’ is emblazoned on the decklid. David Lane, owner of Workshop Seventy7, is originally from South Africa, and decided on the Oshe name as it’s an African God of thunder. David also notes that it has some resemblance to Porsche in its pronunciation.


It’s almost impossible to cover everything that has been covered on this car, from it’s zinc-coated bolts to its US-spec rear lights. There are so many details that you could walk around it for hours and still keep finding little works of art. Looking through the many images of the process from start to finish gives you a little glimpse at how many hours have gone into this Aubergine gem. The Oshe Zero5 is designed to be a usable and authentic classic Porsche 911, and it does that absolutely perfectly.

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