PaddlUp Attends Stonor Supercar Sunday

Paddlup Car

Written by PaddlUp

8th July 2021

400 supercars and hypercars took to the lawns of Stonor House to welcome the beginning of summer supercar events in 2021.

The weather may not have been on side but that didn’t stop an excellent turnout for Stonor Supercar Sunday. Visitors popped in and out of the PaddlUp stand all day with people admiring both the David Brown Speedback GT as well as the PaddlUp F40.


The event also commemorated a number of automotive milestones including a tribute to the Alfa Romeo 8C as well as anniversaries for three Lamborghinis, with 10 years of Aventador, 20 years since the Murcielago and 50 years since the Countach - three Italian icons that we’re sure will be remembered for many years to come.


YouTuber and influencer TGE joined us on the stand by bringing the F40 through the crowds and onto the PaddlUp stand. Tom then had a good chat with PaddlUp CEO, Tim Mayneord. Speaking of our stand, we also had the mightily impressive David Brown Automotive Speedback GT on display which consistently drew crowds all day. The DB5-esque styling combined with modern Jag underpinnings had people asking plenty of questions.


When the clouds did occasionally clear and the sun shone through it was handy that the PaddlUp stand was right next door to an ice cream vendor, meaning those waiting in the queue could ogle at the F40 and the Speedback GT while they waited.


The weather was providing quite the rollercoaster ride and towards the end of the day we saw a shower of rain, seeing a few people taking shelter in the PaddlUp tent. Once that cleared up we also received a visit from celebrity chef Tom Kerridge who came over to see the F40 in person.


Despite the annoying weather, Stonor Supercar Sunday was a fantastic day for both those who love cars and their families and it was a great way to kick off a fantastic automotive summer.

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