2003 Subaru Impreza WRX-STI Type UK PPP

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During the nineties and early noughties, a bitter rivalry ensued between two car makers. Both being Japanese, and both producing four-wheel drive, turbocharged sports saloons it seemed inevitable the cars would be spiritual competitors but few could predict to quite what extent and the duration that this rivalry would last. Taking the fight to tarmac, over rutted terrain and through dense woodland, the cars went toe to toe at every rally stage on the globe. These two were of course Subaru – with its Impreza – and Mitsubishi, with its Lancer Evo. 

Iteration after iteration, the manufacturers fought tooth and nail in the hope of taking the coveted WRC title each year. Of course, both marques embodied the mantra of ‘race on Sunday, sell on Monday’ during that period. 

On the streets and in showrooms, you chose your side. Some preferred the Mitsubish’s inline 4, others lusted after the unmistakable off-beat burble of Subaru’s flat-four engine, owners rarely defecting to the other camp once they had selected their weapon of choice.

The big issue for UK punters however was the exclusion of any standard-run performance examples of the breed, whereas in their homeland JDM buyers had their pick of the weird and wonderful special editions and high-powered models. Here in the UK, owners of original Classic Imprezas could add a sprinkling of Prodrive upgrades, however, these only added around 40bhp to the standard car's 200bhp – and even then the output was 40bhp down on their JDM model counterparts.

Subaru did however have great success with limited-run cars such as the P1 and 22B, showing buyers were keen for more power. When the second generation ‘GD8’ Impreza was launched, it needed to cater for a much broader market than the first and while power was upgraded, the standard car was only blessed with a further 15bhp over the previous model. Subaru soon took note that the regular WRX with its 215bhp didn’t cut the mustard, and having whetted customers' appetites with a performance pack upping the power to 245bhp, they took the car to the next level; the WRX-STi Type UK.

This particular example of the WRX-STi Type UK is possibly the lowest mileage example available

For Subaru fans, STi holds as much kudos as M does for BMW and AMG for Mercedes and in this guise was the car UK customers had been begging for. A redesign of the engine meant nearly 80 per cent of the all-alloy engine was unique in comparison to the regular WRX and this lifted power to 265bhp alongside a raft of supporting modifications. For the wannabe rally drivers, the Type UK even came with the added edition of an intercooler water spray button to help keep intake temperatures down when tackling a Welsh forest (or more likely the local bypass).

The finishing touch being the ‘UK’ moniker to distinguish the UK car from its grey import cousins and while the car was now much quicker than the base model, it wasn’t quick enough for some - in stepped Prodrive once again, offering their ‘PPP’ (Prodrive Performance Pack) official upgrade. This included the addition of a high-pressure fuel pump, sports catalyst, larger exhaust system and ECU mapping enhancements, boosting power from 265bhp to a much meatier 305bhp. The 0-60 sprint fell from an already-respectable 5.2 seconds to a supercar-bating 4.6 and the UK finally had an Impreza to rival the JDM market cars.

This particular example of the WRX-STi Type UK is possibly the lowest mileage example available today, with a scarce 4,975 miles since rolling off the production line in 2003. Sporting its original specification bar the addition of the Morette front headlight upgrades to further mimic the fabulous WRC cars, this example is fitted with the much sought-after PPP (Prodrive Performance Pack) upping the power to over 300bhp. The car was purchased new by a husband and wife duo, originally in the wife’s name and transferred to her husband sometime later (recorded at the same address). During their ownership, the car is alleged to have lived in its own heated and carpeted garage and the majority of the car’s mileage was accrued during this time, having been used scarcely on ‘high days and dry days’.

Its next custodian was the Dealership Principle of a Subaru franchise main dealer, then sold again in 2020 having covered 4,730 miles total upon its sale. The owner carried on the tradition and stored the car in his own carpeted garage and during his two-and-a-half year ownership of the car covered a scant 243 miles. 

Upon his purchase of the car, it was subject to a major service which included the replacement of the timing belt kit at a cost of £666.67.

The car is accompanied by its original book pack including stamped service book, owners manual, radio certificate of conformity, airbag instructions, service invoicing and proof of Prodrive Performance Pack, two keys (including a spare key battery), security wheel nut, allen key for STI tyre valve dust caps and spare Scooby Doo key fob.

Standing today at 4,975 miles, this stunning WRX-STi Type UK is arguably the lowest mileage example available and would make an attractive investment piece or a superb addition to any rally or performance car collection.


Service History:

Due to the car's rare use and subsequent periods of long-term storage, the history comprises the following services:

  • 1,000 miles service: 17/4/2003 @ 927 miles, carried out by Subaru Thurlow Nunn Standen.
  • 10,000 miles service: 2/4/2005 @ 2,598 miles, carried out by Subaru Thurlow Nunn Standen.
  • 60,000 miles service: 12/03/2020 @ 4,730 miles, carried out by MTC Subaru.

During this appointment, the car was subject to a full inspection and major service which included the replacement of the oil and oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs, transmission oil, differential oil and timing belt kit.

  • Oil change service and MOT: 21/03/2022 @ 4,862 miles, carried out by Tanworth Garage

The car was subject to its annual MOT from 2006 - 2011, 2013-2014, and  2017-2023 and has secured a 100% first-time pass rate without a single advisory notice.

As expected of the mileage and care given by its owners, the car presents in stunning condition, with only small imperfections in-fitting with its age and miles. 

At A Glance

✔️ Original and Unmolested Example
✔️ Only 4,975 Miles From New
✔️ Iconic Colour Combination
✔️ Lovingly Cared For By Its Owners

Year 2003
Mileage 4,975
Exterior colour Blue
Interior colour Black
Upholstery colour Black
Driver's side RHD
Transmission Manual
Engine Size 2.0L Turbocharged Flat 4
Fuel type Petrol