Dissatisfied with other auction platforms? PaddlUp's promise of an unparalleled service

16th May 2022

One of the PaddlUp consignment team discussing our range of supercars with a client

PaddlUp delivers an automotive auction service that is inherently unique. In an uncharted wilderness of 'eBay-esque' sales platforms that merely offer an advertising opportunity, we set ourselves apart by taking the time to ensure you, the seller, buyer or investor, receives the best conceivable experience. We understand the importance of a stress-free, seamless process. A bespoke and tailor-made experience is delivered by our service and people-centric Consignment Concierge team helping you to feel like our guest rather than our customer.


With recent global events, the car sales world saw the rise of online auction sites. The issue here is most platforms require you to still do the leg work, essentially providing a space to advertise your vehicle and not much else – you, the seller still have to take pictures (or pay additional photography costs), deal with enquiries, as well as dealing with payment which is always an unnerving experience. It’s largely inconvenient for everyone involved.


This is where PaddlUp differs from other online auction platforms, we take a multi-faceted approach to facilitate a premium experience for our clients. Firstly, we specialise in supercars and luxury cars with a value in excess of £100,000 so we're for serious collectors and investors. This ensures we keep focus on a specific audience, rather than trying to be a 'one size fits all' operation.


We take care of everything for you, beginning to end. We collect your vehicle in an enclosed trailer and bring it to our secure facility in Wiltshire, where we photograph and pre-market the car before it is listed for auction.


Upon sale of the vehicle, there is no handing over personal data for payments, we take care of all that for you too, via our safe and secure escrow payment process, thus saving you time and hassle when buying, or indeed selling a supercar.


We respect our sellers, buyers and investors in equal measure and make sure that everyone is as fulfilled in the post-auction phase as they were in the build-up to the sale. In addition, our vast network of clients means we can offer a unique 'match-making' service, sourcing the right individuals for the right cars.

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So that begs the question; how does PaddlUp go about delivering such a high-end service? Customer service is always at the forefront of the minds of everyone at our idyllic showroom, nestled in the Wiltshire countryside. Regardless of the time of day, or the queries our clients have, communication is key for us to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. Not only do we place a priority on consistency when speaking with customers, but also a friendly tone that makes our team exceedingly approachable.


The knowledge contained within the walls of The PaddlUp Rooms is arguably some of the most well-rounded and extensive in the industry, serving as an enviable tool that many of our buyers and sellers lean on regularly. From decades of experience working at world-renowned marques to thriving social media channels, the team will be able to guide you through an unpredictable and ever-changing landscape. An over-arching service-focused automotive background spanning several decades hammers home the importance of customer service once more.


We also understand the importance of a reserve price for a seller, and will therefore stick to the initial agreement at all costs. A call from one of our team a few days, or even hours before your auction is about to end asking you to lower or remove the reserve all together is the last thing that our clients want, so we simply won't do it.


We don't meet the stereotypes of a 'shady car dealer' either, in the sense that we hand-pick and meticulously curate the supercars that come through our showroom doors. It is our duty to perform the appropriate due diligence, this means we deal exclusively with those who are serious about selling, buying and investing in £100k+ vehicles and that our inventory remains of a superior standard.


PaddlUp employs a 'collaboration, not competition' mantra by working with existing industry dealers and brokers, acquiring select models on demand. As an example, a prestigious South London supercar dealer had a client who wanted to buy a Ferrari, we had the model in question in our showroom so a deal was brokered. Our authorised introducer programme draws on this encouraging repeat business to our platform as well as forming long-standing relationships.


In essence, PaddlUp will always go the extra mile for you, our clients. We leave no stone unturned, taking every step necessary to provide a fulfilling and satisfying end to end service.